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Importer security filing (ISF 10+2) is a mandatory U.S. Customs and Dept. of Homeland Security sponsored program that all importers to the United States must adhere to when shipping goods into the USA. ISF 10+2 informs U.S. Customs of all details of your import shipment before it arrives within the borders of the USA. This program is mandatory for all inbound ocean shipments to the United States. We file this info on your behalf allowing your freight to continue its journey to a U.S. Based port.

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We are a licensed customs broker and import logistics service provider with the expertise and authority to file ISF on your behalf and clear your goods quickly through customs in one seamless transaction. By filing your ISF 10+2 with us, you also have the advantage of expediting your goods quickly, and have them delivered to their final destination within the USA. We handle all phases of the ISF filing and importing process on your behalf, leaving your freight in capable hands and your business 100% compliant with U.S. Customs rules and regulations.

ISF 10+2

Failure to file ISF can result in significant fines, penalties and even seizure of your shipment. Avoid Delays. Failure to file ISF can significantly delay the transit time of your import. File today to streamline your imports into the United States. 

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We also offer many value added services for ISF filers such as customs clearance, brokerage, bonds, trucking, delivery and more. We are a full service import logistics service provider.

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Our team of importing experts is on call not only to file your ISF but assist you with all your importing related questions and issues. We specialize in helping first time importers to the United States solve their problems.

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