ISF Filing for Ocean Freight Imports to the USA

Importer security filing (ISF 10+2) is a mandatory U.S. Customs and Dept. of Homeland Security sponsored program all U.S. importers to the must adhere to when shipping goods to American ports. ISF 10+2 informs U.S. Customs of important details about your inbound ocean shipment to the USA.




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Fast Submission to Customs

Our technology simplifies the process for U.S. Importers. Transmit your ISF quickly and securely. 

ISF Filing Agents on Call

Our staff of customs brokers and import experts dedicated to streamlining your  ISF Filing & ocean imports to the USA.  

Customs Broker USA

Simple ISF Filing and customs clearance for foreign exporters and USA importers of record. 

ISF Filing in 3 Easy Steps

Ready to file ISF? Fill out our simple to understand quote/inquiry form with all shipment details.

1. Fill out Application

Upload docs-Bill of Lading, ISF Info Sheet, Commercial Invoice, ID, Packing List

2. Agent Response

Our agents respond with a ticket # and an instant quote. We are nearly ready to file your ISF.

3. ISF is Filed

We set up your importer profile, process your customs documents and transmit your ISF Filing to U.S. Customs

ISF Filing Documents for USA Imports

Collect and Upload the following documents to quickly and easily file your ISF.  Include these documents in your Quote Request for the fastest turnaround time possible. 

Bill of Lading

Booking and tracking document aboard the ocean carrier. Shipment and location details.

Commercial Invoice

Agreement between the manufacturer, seller and the buyer/importer of record.

ISF Data Sheet

Contains all key data elements for your ISF Filing as well as manufacturer info.

Packing List

Doc listing multiple items within a container or multiple boxes in a single shipment.

Serviced by licensed U.S. Customs Brokers

Acting as your customs broker, we expedite the flow of imports through US sea ports. We offer seamless customs clearance and delivery of all shipments en route to the USA while keeping your business in compliance with U.S. Customs. Our customs brokerage agents are on call to guide you through the ISF Filing process to the United States. 

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