Import USA Services

U.S. Import Services

ISF Filing is only one aspect of importing an ocean freight shipment to the USA. Did you know there are many other details to take care of before your shipment arrives?  From freight to ISF, to clearance and delivery, we do it all on your behalf in one seamless transaction.

If you have contacted us to file your ISF, it may be likely that you need customs clearance and last mile delivery from the port as well. We provide all these services to you in one seamless transaction. No need to skip around to other logistics providers. Call today for rates.

Freight Forwarder

We offer international freight forwarding services in air freight and ocean freight on both sides of your importing transaction. Get rates today.

Customs Clearance

We clear freight through all USA airports and ocean ports. Check “ISF + Customs Clearance” on our inquiry form to get started.

Customs Broker USA

We are a fully licensed USA Customs Broker connected direct to US Customs. We service all USA import related issues with the utmost care.

Last Mile Delivery

We transport your goods from the port to any USA zip code with our inland trucking and delivery services for USA importers. Ask for rates today.