Our ISF & Clearance Process

File Your ISF & Secure Your Customs Clearance in One Seamless Transaction

It is recommended that you use the same customs broker to perform your ISF Filing, customs clearance/cargo release and last mile pickup & delivery arrangements. Once you have filled out a Power of Attorney and onboarded your documents with us, we have everything needed to clear your shipment and deliver to the final destination. 

ISF 10+2 filing process

From ISF, to Customs Clearance & Delivery

Collect Docs & Importer of Record Data 

Onboarding and vetting your shipment documents and credentials is essential to the smooth and efficient filing of your ISF.  Our web based tools and workflows process your documents fast.

Collect Arrival Info

Data entry of your  Bill of Lading info. This shows all essential transport details as well as shipping line, vessel, container #, origin, destination, eta, etd information.

Transmit ISF Data to US Customs

Your ISF data and documents are transmitted to US Customs for final filing approval. We generate a confirmation receipt on your behalf.

Clear Freight at US Port

Since ocean freight cannot be properly cleared without a prior ISF filing, we take care of all 7501 customs entries on your behalf. 

Release, Pickup & Delivery

We secure your freight release and arrange port pickup and delivery to final destination.  

Customs & Shipping Services for USA Ocean Imports

ISF Filing

File ISF 10+2 for all Ocean Freight imports to the USA.

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance USA for importers of foreign manufactured products.

Roro Freight

We clear roll on roll off freight through all US ports

Full Containers

Customs clearance of FCL shipments to USA. 20', 40' and more.

Port to Door Delivery

Port to door delivery of ocean shipments,. Drayage of full containers.

Serving All USA Ocean Ports

USA Ports Served